Patented water swellable plug for a perfect seal of formwork spacers

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The Sealing Plug is a revolutionary solution for sealing structural concrete formwork spacers. Sealing Plugs comprise a water-swellable rubber cap and solid core. The cap prevents water infiltrating the bar and the core provides a mechanical anchor under water pressures up to 6 bar. 

This water-activated, self-expanding sealing solution is one of our most innovative – it guarantees a perfect seal, combating moisture infiltration with a single hammer blow!

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Name Tech. sheet
Sealing Plug 22mm Sealing Plug 22mm Download tech sheet
Sealing Plug 24mm Sealing Plug 24mm Download tech sheet
Sealing Plug 26mm Sealing Plug 26mm Download tech sheet
Sealing Plug 32mm Sealing Plug 32mm Download tech sheet
Sealing Plug 34mm Sealing Plug 34mm Download tech sheet
USP’s Sealing Plug
USP’s Sealing Plug
  • 100% watertight seal up
    to 6 bar (certified)
  • quick and easy insertion
    with a single
    hammer blow
  • no after-treatment


Expansion Capacity Sealing Plug

The Sealing Plug provides a quick seal that prevents rain, slurry and even seawater infiltration. The seal it creates remains intact even after repeated wet-dry cycles.

Step 1
Step 1

Position the Sealing Plug in the formwork spacer.

Step 2
Step 2

Hammer the Sealing Plug into the formwork spacer.

Step 3
Step 3

You're done! No additional finishing or after-treatment required.

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Want to buy BeSealed® products?

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