Revolutionary and patented products for waterproofing concrete structures

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These internationally patented hydrophilic plugs & rings are textbook examples of innovation at its best. Previously, only passive waterstops were available that slowed down water infiltration, but never eliminated it fully. BeSealed® water-activated, self-expanding waterstops create a perfect, active seal around formwork spacers, center pens and tie rods.

BeSealed® is the latest product range of Bekina® Compounds, rubber compounder and sealing specialist.

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Sealing Plug

Water-activated, self-expanding concrete plug for perfect spacer sealing. Install quickly and easily with a single hammer blow!

Sealing UFO

This 100% watertight solution fills concrete cracks around formwork spacers.

Sealing connector

Designed to seal formwork tie rods.

Sealing connector with closing strip

The Sealing Connector with closing strip is designed for the sealing of center pens that remain in situ, without having to use the Sealing UFO.

Closing strip

Revolutionary solution for waterproofing formwork spacers.

Want to buy BeSealed® products?
Want to buy BeSealed® products?

We have distributors around the world. Just send us a mail and we quickly direct you to a local distributor. Send mail >>

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Request a free sample

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