Revolutionary solutions for combating moisture infiltration in concrete

Are you an architect, a construction manager, or in any other way involved in projects to keep concrete constructions watertight? Then our revolutionary and patented hydrophilic waterstops offer you the best solution to your requirements.

Why choose BeSealed® hydrophilic waterstops?

✔ worldwide reference for over 25 years
✔ highly customizable to any application
✔ extremely long-lasting
✔ easy to install

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BLOG: The importance of hydrophilic cords in tunnel segment gaskets
tunnel-segment-gaskets.jpg 1

More and more tunnel builders are buying tunnel segment gaskets with a hydrophilic cord that swells on contact with moisture. (sealing inserts)

In this article, we explain you why the use of tunnel segment gaskets with hydrophilic material is booming, especially in the Middle East.

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Download our new brochure

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