Watertight sealing of concrete cracks around formwork spacers

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The Sealing UFO is the perfect solution for combating water infiltration around formwork spacers and surrounding concrete. Sealing UFOs prevent water permeating through cracks in the concrete around formwork spacers. 

This innovative sealing system is 100% watertight, quick and easy to install, and available in a wide range of sizes.

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Name Tech. sheet
Sealing UFO 12mm Sealing UFO 12mm Download tech sheet
Sealing UFO 17mm Sealing UFO 17mm Download tech sheet
Sealing UFO 24mm Sealing UFO 24mm Download tech sheet
Sealing UFO 31mm Sealing UFO 31mm Download tech sheet
Sealing UFO 39mm Sealing UFO 39mm Download tech sheet
USP’s Sealing UFO
USP’s Sealing UFO
  • 100% watertight seal
    up to 6 bar (certified)
  • quick and easy insertion
  • ideal solution for
    concrete cracks


Want to buy BeSealed® products?
Want to buy BeSealed® products?

We have distributors around the world. Just send us a mail and we quickly direct you to a local distributor. Send mail >>

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