MFPA Leipzig

MFPA Leipzig GmbH (Leipzig Institute for Materials Research & Testing) is an accredited European body for testing and certifying building materials, components and techniques. MFPA certification provides an irrefutable guarantee of efficiency, durability and safety.

Certified products: Bentobar+, Polybar+

MPA Braunschweig

MPA Braunschweig is an accredited European testing laboratory and advisory body. It tests and certifies new products on behalf of the construction industry.

Certified products: Bentobar+, Polybar+, Sealing Plug, Sealing UFO, Sealing Connector

SGS Intron

SGS Intron is a world leader in materials and process performance certification, inspection, verification and testing. SGS Intron predicts lifespans, evaluates environmental implications, tests performance, and conducts quality and legislative audits.

Certified products: Sealing Plug, Sealing UFO, Sealing Connector


Vattenfall's Research and Development (R&D) contributes to the development of tomorrow's energy system. R&D's mission is to provide the best options and innovations for sustainable business at Vattenfall. R&D is responsible for identifying, developing and ensuring the implementation of value adding technical solutions that support the strategic needs of Vattenfall and its business units.

Certified products: Polybar+


Since the 60s, the BBA has worked with the entire supply chain to understand evolutions of expectation and innovation involved in the development of sustainable build habits.

Certified products: Bentobar+, Polybar+


How our 
products work

The BeSealed® hydrophilic waterstops use a unique active sealing technology. They expand on contact with water! This is how they create an active seal to combat moisture infiltration.